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Attorneys’ fees are frequently awarded to the prevailing party in civil litigation after a judgment has been entered. Determining the amount of attorneys’ fees to be awarded can be as litigious as the underlying lawsuit itself. For attorneys and law firms, an attorneys’ fee expert can be an invaluable asset when establishing the “reasonableness” of fees. As a qualified attorneys’ fee expert, attorney Jeffrey P. Lieser can help you analyze and evaluate the fees in dispute as well as testify as to the reasonableness of those fees in court, if necessary.

How Can Our Attorney Fees Experts Help You?

Our goal is to ensure that you are awarded attorneys’ fees in an amount that reflects the time and resources you spent on the underlying litigation. Both the rules of professional ethics and the law require attorneys’ fees to be reasonable; however, whether fees are reasonable or not is often left to a judge to decide when the parties do not agree. When the amount of an attorneys’ fee award is an issue, the court typically wants an attorneys’ fees expert to review the fees and testify as to their reasonableness. Our attorneys’ fees experts can help maximize your attorney fee award by:

  • Conducting an in-depth review. The first step in establishing that the fees you seek are reasonable is to conduct a review of the time and resources your firm spent on the underlying lawsuit. We will go through your timesheets or time-keeping program with the proverbial “fine-toothed comb” to make sure every expense (whether in time or resources) related to the lawsuit has been reasonably included in the attorneys’ fees request.
  • Analyzing and comparing. Once we have an accurate record of all time and resources devoted to the lawsuit, we will conduct an analysis and comparison of the fees requested by your firm with an eye toward establishing the reasonableness of those fees.
  • Testifying as to reasonableness. When a court is asked to award post-judgment attorneys’ fees, it is customary for the prevailing party to offer expert testimony to support the amount of fees requested. As a certified expert in attorneys’ fees, attorney Jeffrey P. Lieser has been called to offer expert testimony on the subject in numerous courts throughout Florida.

If you are seeking an attorneys’ fees award following a judgment in a civil lawsuit, contact our office for assistance. Our attorneys’ fees experts will help you establish the reasonableness of those fees, including by serving as a fee expert in court.

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